World Rural Tourism Conference(WRTC)
Exclusive interview with enterprises in the world's rural tourism towns - Private Hospitals

           Ancient village, silk, sericulture, farming, clear water and ancient bridge. Lu village is located in balidian Town, Wuxing District, Huzhou City. It is a typical water town in the south of the Yangtze River. At the same time, there are rich historical and cultural relics here. Qianshanyang site has discovered the world's earliest silk piece, which has been certified as the "source of world silk". From the millennium old village to the world rural tourism town (the site of the world rural tourism conference), Lu village has taken on a new look after several years of construction.

         The rural tourism school in the world rural tourism town launched a series of special topics of live interviews with small town enterprises. In the first phase, Ji Dan, general manager of the private school, was invited to talk about the establishment process of the private school.

         In the exclusive interview, Mr. Ji mentioned the origin of the name of the private house: "silk" refers to the source of silk in the world, because the world's first home silk donation came from qianshanyang site in the world's rural tourism town, which has a history of more than 4700 years; "Bieyuan" refers to Zhengzhai, which can be understood as the meaning of the second home. The name private courtyard is to give visitors a feeling of home. Mr. Ji also mentioned that in the operation, the six aspects of food, accommodation, travel, shopping and entertainment were used to create a warm and comfortable feeling close to home. Eating featured home-made dishes was the main thing, living was combined with the aesthetic charm of the Song Dynasty, and out of the idea that nature was higher than nature, the Qing poetry style was simple, pure and advanced. The future planning of private homes is mainly to integrate the culture of the Song Dynasty with catering and accommodation, create their own special food and atmosphere, integrate warm and comfortable services, and give visitors a sense of home. At the same time, it is hoped that Lu Village in the world rural tourism town can create a real riverside picture of Qingming Festival, prosperous but not vulgar, so that Lu village with strong cultural flavor can be seen in the town and the charm of the world village can be seen.



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