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Solidly do five optimizations to promote the development of rural tourism -- Huangwei Village, Anhui Province


Do a solid job in five optimizations to promote the development of rural tourism——Huangwei Village, Anhui Province

1.Basic information

Huangwei Village, Huangwei Town, Yuexi County, Anqing City, Anhui Province, is located in the hinterland of Dabie Mountain, in the north of Yuexi County, bordering on Mozitan Town, Huoshan County, Lu 'an City. Due to the particularity of its location, Huangwei Village has been one of the trading centers between Dabie Mountain and the outside world since ancient times, and it is also known as "Little Shanghai". There are 17 villager groups in the village, consisting of 425 households and 1,985 people, among which 114 households are poor and 393 people are poor. The total land area of the village is 19.55 square kilometers, including mountain field area of 20 thousand mu, woodland area of 19 thousand mu, the forest coverage rate of more than 80%. There are 402 poor households in 119 households in the village, and the whole village has been lifted out of poverty. In 2020, the per capita income of the poor households will reach 12,000 yuan. Village pillar industry to tea, fruit - based. Through the reform of "Three Changes" and the project of "Four Belts and One Self", the village collective has transferred a thousand mu of Yuexi Tea Valley and a thousand mu of Flower Valley, and built a standardized tea factory. The two bases of "Yuexi Tea Valley" and "Flower Valley" will be built to increase people's income and become rich. In 2020, the net income of the village collective economy will successfully break through 1 million yuan.

2.The main approach

With the promotion of regional tourism, rural tourism has been developing rapidly. Every family in Huangwei Village has enjoyed a meal of tourism, and Huangwei Village has become a well-known rural tourism model village. It has achieved poverty alleviation, income increase and prosperity, mainly in the following aspects:

First, focus on industrial prosperity. With the existing "two thousand acres base" as the basis, is applying for green organic brand, focusing on the establishment of rural agricultural products brand, and then strengthen the core competitiveness of characteristic industries. We will develop destinations for agricultural products processing, tourism, agricultural experience, and leisure vacation, and give full play to their role in guiding, demonstrating, and driving the development of agricultural products.

Second, focus on ecological livability. "Do beautiful rainbow brand, the implementation of global tourism", thanks to two national 4 a level scenic spots rainbow waterfall scenic area, three gorge scenic spot and the ancient village scenic spot qingyun, completes the tourism economy, to improve the "rainbow" about 105 rural service level, to the farm and boutique b&b transformation, positive impetus area farmers and poor to start a business to promote employment, To help people and poor households become rich. Adhering to the concept of "ecological priority", it has completed the construction of provincial beautiful rural demonstration sites.

Third, the local civilization as the guarantee. Strengthen publicity and education, through the implementation of the New Era Civilization Practice Station and the change of customs, provide powerful ideological and public opinion guarantee and spiritual civilization force, let the new era socialist core values of the masses and the poor into the mind and heart, with the "wait, rely on, want" thought, reach out for relief shame, Promote the inner power of the poor households by the pressure of public opinion to enhance the awareness of getting rich through hard work and promote the development of rural revitalization.

Fourth, effective governance is the cornerstone. We will continue to improve infrastructure construction, strengthen infrastructure construction such as transportation, water conservancy, communications and power, and step up tourism infrastructure construction to improve the quality of people's lives. We will vigorously maintain and create a healthy and stable environment for development, and actively cooperate with the implementation of major projects such as the Turkish Star Castle Hotel, the second phase of Rainbow Falls and the construction of high-speed railway, so that the tourism economy will be deeply integrated with the high-speed railway economy, and the people will be able to actively participate in and enjoy the benefits of development and construction.

Fifth, the goal is to live a rich life. Adhere to the party lead the economic development, stand "spine" of village collective economy, growing village collective economy, bend force to build a batch of a profound traditional culture, brand, benefit good rural collective industry projects, strengthen the village collective economy "hematopoiesis", vigorously promote rural industry continues to increase, and realize the masses and poor full employment, We will do all we can to make the countryside a better place with strong agriculture, beautiful rural areas and rich rural residents.

3. Development Inspiration

Huangwei Village is blessed with convenient transportation conditions and natural resources that cannot be duplicated. However, there are many experiences that can be duplicated in the development of rural tourism:

First, the establishment of tourism development ideas. In accordance with the tourism development ideas of "scenic spots driven, multi-industry linkage, precise support, integration of scenic villages", create flower villages, realize the integration of scenic villages, closely linked to the theme of "local customs, mountain village style, ecological style", vigorously promote the construction of tourism demonstration villages, complete the construction of provincial beautiful rural demonstration sites.

Second, we will innovate the poverty alleviation model through tourism. The establishment of a tourism poverty alleviation model of "Party Building + Tourism + Poverty Alleviation" has effectively promoted the fight against poverty, and has been paid attention to and promoted at all levels from the central government to local governments.

The third is to build the "Rainbow Falls" brand. Relying on the management and development mode of the Farmhouse Lodge of Rainbow Lodge, the brand and benefit of Rainbow Lodge will be realized. Relying on the Rainbow Waterfall Scenic Spot, it receives nearly 400,000 person-times every year and has an annual operating income of more than 30 million yuan. The scenic spot has become abooster for the development of rural tourism.


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