World Rural Tourism Conference(WRTC)
Rural Tourism School serves rural tourism talents

     In order to fully serve the managers, practitioners and fans of rural tourism nationwide and even around the world, and at the same time deal with the COVID-19 epidemic, the Rural Tourism School, a face-to-face live class on rural tourism, has been set up. Township Tourism School is a network school integrating expert lectures, hot questions and answers, case sharing, brand exchange, discussion and interaction. It makes full use of the advantages of the cloud to provide reference and operational experience, so as to cultivate more talents for the rural tourism industry in China and promote the high-quality development of rural tourism. Since its debut on February 17, 2020, it has hosted 61 episodes and received more than 1.46 million views. Welcome national and even the world's rural tourism managers, practitioners and fans to listen to the online teacher lectures every Wednesday (20:00-20:50).

Human Community of a Shared Future in the perspective of rural tourism
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