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Baraka Destinations (Jordan)

Muna Haddad is the founding CEO of BARAKA, a consulting company, established in 2012, specialized in sustainable tourism design and development. She founded Baraka Destinations in 2015, a subsidiary of BARAKA, as a lab to demonstrate the viability of community driven tourism models; curating travel experiences that tell the story of people and place in rural Jordan.

Baraka Destinations partners with local communities in secondary tourism sites and together designs and builds tourism experiences that showcase local cultures to curious travelers. With Baraka Destinations you will have the opportunity to get to know the hidden gems that most tourists would miss, get to connect with locals and enjoy a memorable and high-quality travel experience. We exist in a space between the demand and the supply, bridging the gap for local communities to access the travel market and for tourists to have unique off the beaten path experiences.

With the rise in demand from tourists on immersive experiences, our mission is to bring travelers and local communities to offer unique products, experiences and accommodation choices that tell the story of the people, the history of the place and showcase rich and authentic cultural experience.

Baraka Destinations works with over 20 local businesses to provide exceptional touristic experiences as well as ensuring maximum local economy benefit by localizing our supply chains and offering delicious meals that are farm-to-table. We strive to deliver you high quality experiences, facilitating the process of booking and provide packaged itineraries to fit every traveler’s preference.

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Human Community of a Shared Future in the perspective of rural tourism
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