World Rural Tourism Conference(WRTC)
Regulations on WRTC "TOP 100 CITIES" Brand Building

These measures are formulated to fully promote the brand building of the "TOP 100 CITIES" of world rural tourism and comprehensively build the operation and management system of "TOP 100 CITIES" of world rural tourism.

1. General aim

Based on the World Rural Tourism Town (WRTT), taking the WRTC as the platform and the rural tourism school as the main carrier, we will efficiently complete the task of "six TOGETHERS", comprehensively launch the brand of "TOP 100 CITIES" of world rural tourism, and achieve the overall goal of "millions of tourists pay attention to and 100000 tourists push" within three years and "millions of tourists favor and millions of tourists help book" within five years, Fully realize the construction of a brand building and promotion operation system for "TOP 100 CITIES" of the "six TOGETHERS and six bodies" of world rural tourism.

2. Main tasks

1) Jointly create standards and build a brand system of "TOP 100 CITIES". Jointly formulate the common and individual standards of "TOP 100 CITIES", strictly control the product quality, strengthen the service level, excavate the cultural connotation, and accelerate the construction of "ten haves and ten noes" of "TOP 100 CITIES" (see Attachment 1 for the specific list), based on the common characteristics of "six modernizations" of product internationalization, service internationalization, humanities internationalization, standard internationalization, team internationalization and market internationalization Personalized international standard system (see Attachment 2 for specific standards). Jointly launch the "TOP 100 CITIES" product brand of world rural tourism, form a number of local and series of iconic rural tourism brands that are at the forefront of the world, jointly explore the "TOP 100 CITIES" rural tourism products and special rural tourism routes (specifically operated by the "TOP 100 CITIES" alliance), and truly expand the "TOP 100 CITIES". And establish the status of "the first brand of global rural tourism", so as to comprehensively build the brand system of "TOP 100 CITIES" in the world.

2) Cultivate a team together and build a talent system in 100 cities. Make good use of the website of the WRTC and the platform of the rural tourism school, especially the live broadcasting platform, and organize "TOP 100 CITIES" students to listen and watch every other Wednesday (20:00-20:50 Beijing time) every month to improve their quality; Relying on the live broadcasting room of "Rural Tourism School" set up in the world rural tourism town, organize "TOP 100 CITIES" to carry out an interactive communication course every month, with one theme, one speaker, common communication and learning from each other; Every year, the WRTC organizes a centralized public welfare training, invites experts and scholars from the "TOP 100 people of global rural tourism" to give lectures, comprehensively improves the moral quality and professional ability of managers and employees of "TOP 100 CITIES", carries out all-round talent training through rural tourism schools, focuses on Cultivating "100 people of global rural tourism", and forms a global rural tourism "One hundred million" elite talent structure, so as to comprehensively build the talent system of 100 cities in the world's rural tourism.

3)Jointly promote products and build a market system of the TOP 100 cities. Jointly promote the "TOP 100 CITIES" products, and through the "Six Advances" of the "TOP 100 CITIES" products into case teaching materials, rural tourism schools, rural conferences, promotion activities, live broadcasting columns and live broadcasting reservations; truly realize the goal of promoting the "TOP 100 CITIES" products to tens of millions of people online and offline, especially build the promotion system of "TOP 100 CITIES" for benefiting the people and monthly activities, so as to comprehensively build the market system of "TOP 100 CITIES" of rural tourism in the world.

4)Jointly promote policies and build a dynamic system of the "TOP 100 CITIES". In order to improve the consumption enthusiasm for tourists and comprehensively promote the brand popularity of "TOP 100 CITIES", actively explore the policy sharing mechanism of "TOP 100 CITIES" on a voluntary basis, create conditions and gradually carry out live broadcasting public welfare reservation. At the same time, jointly build an interactive platform between live broadcasting classroom and "TOP 100 CITIES" online public welfare reservation, and gradually form an online public welfare live broadcasting reservation system, so as to comprehensively build a dynamic system of the "TOP 100 CITIES" of rural tourism in the world.

5) Jointly promote the WRTC and build a platform system for the "TOP 100 CITIES". Jointly promote the WRTC and the "world rural tourism network conference" to make it a global rural tourism event with the highest specification, the largest scale and the most market value in the world rural tourism industry, especially a big stage for the exchange, promotion and brand operation of the "TOP 100 CITIES" of the world rural tourism, so as to comprehensively build the platform system of 100 cities for world rural tourism.

6)Build an alliance to form a security system for the "TOP 100 CITIES". Jointly establish the world rural tourism "TOP 100 CITIES" alliance, with the Secretary General of the WRTC as the president, the regional directors of the Conference as the vice presidents, the secretaries general of China's provinces and cities as well as the liaison officers of the five regions as alliance members, the head of the Secretariat of the world rural tourism conference as the general liaison and the "TOP 100 CITIES". The person in charge serves as the president of each city’s branch alliance, and the Secretary General acts as the liaison. Work together to strengthen, expand and revitalize the unit alliance of "TOP 100 CITIES", so as to comprehensively build a security system for 100 cities of rural tourism in the world.

3. Organizational guarantee

1) Organizational support. Establish a leading group for the construction of "TOP 100 CITIES" brand alliance of world rural tourism (see Attachment 3 for the specific list) to ensure organizational guarantee.

2) Platform support. Make full use of the two online and offline platforms of rural tourism school and world rural tourism town, and provide one-stop services of online and offline live broadcasting promotion and product reservation to ensure platform guarantee.

3) Mechanism guarantee. Establish a long-term communication and brand building mechanism of "daily exchange, weekly promotion, ten day live broadcast, monthly theme, quarterly docking and annual summit" to ensure mechanism guarantee.

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