World Rural Tourism Conference(WRTC)
Run Rules of the WRTC Members

Chapter I General Provisions

Article 1 Name of the Service Platform: World Rural Tourism Conference (WRTC, or the Conference).


Article 2 WRTC is an unofficial, informal and non-profit, non-standing conference platform for rural tourism business communication and interactive win-win industrial development, serving the biennial WRTC and its members (conference participants).


Article 3 The tenet of the Conference: Various activities are held during the Conference, in compliance with Chinese Constitution, laws, regulations and policies. The WRTC protects the fundamental interests of the country, abides by the social ethics and moralities, promotes economic development and social progress. Based on the World Rural Tourism Town (WRTT), it aims at the comprehensive establishment of a global win-win industrial development system of “six in one”, namely “headquarter, structure, activity, industry, theory and brand in one Conference”; and simultaneously it provides service for “One Road, One Belt” initiative, rural vitalization, world poverty reduction, a Community in a Shared Future for Mankind, as well as sustainable high-quality development of rural tourism.


Article 4 The Conference site: World Rural Tourism Town, Wuxing District, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China.


Chapter II Service

Article 5 Service range of the Conference:

1) WRTC activities – the biennial WRTC activities and interactive communication (offline in principle)

2) Virtual forum – the annual WRTC virtual forum and interactive communication (online in principle)

3) Special business –the quarterly WRTC special business and interactive communication (mainly online)

4) Brand promotion –the monthly WRTC brand promotion and interactive communication (mainly online)

5) Live classroom – the fortnightly WRTC live classroom and interactive communication (mainly online)


Chapter III Operation

Article 6 A presidium of the conference will be established during the Conference, with one president, a few vice presidents, one secretary-general, a few deputy secretary-general. The secretary-general, concurrently acting as a stationed vice president, presides over the daily work the Conference.


Article 7 The secretariat of the Conference is responsible for the daily routine work. Four departments and four committees are set under the secretariat, namely: Department of Comprehensive Coordination, Department of International Communication, Department of Domestic Cooperation, Department of Brand Promotion, Executive Committee of WRTC platform and international communication, Executive Committee of academic research, Executive Committee of Branding and Marketing, Executive Committee of industry incubation and education training. The Conference secretaries and Conference-affairs secretaries are simultaneously appointed.


Article 8 The Conference is divided into five service sections, namely, Chinese Section, Asia-Pacific Section, European Section, American Section, African Section; each section is in the charge of a director, concurrently a vice-chairman of the WRTC; they devote joint efforts to provide services for the world rural tourism, and are concurrently responsible for the rural tourism development of the region he/she directs for WRTC and keeping contact with the WRTC headquarter.


Chapter IV Members

Article 9 WRTC members are comprised of international, Chinese and individual members, and if conditions permit, a small number of local organization members are allowed (they should be recruited from the TOP 100 CITIES).


Article 10 The applicants shall comply with the following requirements:

1) the applicants shall have great influence, brand power and leading role in a region;

2) the applicants shall have a strong desire to join, and inner motivation for resource sharing and joint development; and he/she can undertake various construction tasks of the conference.

3) the applicants can shoulder the international obligations and social responsibilities for the high-quality and sustainable development of rural tourism proposed by the Conference, and become an advocate and practitioner of the ecological development and legal operation of rural tourism.


Article 11 Application Procedures:

1) Volunteer to fill in and submit the membership application form;

2)Preliminary review by the vice chairman in charge and the regional director;

3)After the secretariat review, the secretary general reports to the chairman; the applicant officially becomes a member with the chairman’s approval.


Article 12 the members are entitled to the following rights:

1)Conference. To participate for free in the biennial WRTC, the biennial World Rural Tourism Sustainable Development Conference (virtual conference world rural tourism) and the biennial Leaders Summit of world rural tourism.

2)Branding. Three branding initiatives by the biennial WRTC: Model City of World Rural Tourism Industry (at most 5 awarded at each conference); Member City of WRTC (at most 5 awarded at each conference); Gold Medal City of World Rural Tourism Development (at most 5 awarded at each conference);

3)Activities. To participate in a series of activities organized by WRTC or member units;

4)Promotion. Have access to promoting different products and brands via “Rural Schools” and WRTC platforms.

5)Training. Have free access to “Rural Schools” (biweekly live class on Wednesday nights 8:00-8:50); to participate in free teaching, training and different public-welfare training and discount during the conference; to participate in different online and offline training; to participate in teaching and training activities by members.


Article 13 Member Obligations:

1) To participate in the biennial plenary meeting (synchronized with WRTC) and other activities.

2) To jointly promote “One Road, One Belt” initiative, rural vitalization, world poverty reduction, a Community in a Shared Future for Mankind, as well as sustainable high-quality development of rural tourism.

3) To provide advanced experience and methods for member communication.


Chapter 14If a member withdraws, he/she shall notify the Conference in writing. If a member does not pay the membership fee or participate in the activities of the Conference for one year, he/she shall be deemed to withdraw automatically.


Chapter 15 If a member commits any of the following acts, it shall be removed from the list by vote of the presidium of the general assembly.

1) Serious violation of the articles of the Run Rules;

2) Those who violate state laws and are subject to criminal punishment;

3) Personal speeches and deeds have caused major damage to the reputation of the Conference.


Chapter V Supplementary Provisions

Article 16The Run Rules shall enter into force after being summited to and approved by the World Rural Tourism Leaders Summit Preparatory Committee.


Article 17The right of the interpretation of the articles belongs to the WRTC secretariat. 

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