World Rural Tourism Conference(WRTC)
Service Platform Operation System for the World Rural Tourism Conference Members

1. Platform positioning

The world Rural Tourism Conference (WRTC) is an unofficial, informal and non-profit, non-standing conference platform for rural tourism business communication and interactive win-win industrial development, serving the members of the world Rural Tourism Conference (conference participants). The WRTC is held every two years; based on the World Rural Tourism Town (WRTT), it aims at the comprehensive establishment of a global win-win industrial development system of “six in one”, while simultaneously provide service for “One Road, One Belt” initiative, rural vitalization, world poverty reduction, a Community in a Shared Future for Mankind, as well as sustainable high-quality development of rural tourism.

2. Platform structure

Under the guidance of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), a presidium of the conference will be established during the conference, and invite famous people at home and abroad who have long been engaged in tourism development to serve as the president and vice president of the conference.

 1) the Presidium of the WRTC

President: Mr. He Guangwei (former director general of China National Tourism Administration, member of the standing committee of the CPPCC)

Executive president: Mr. Zhang Junsai (former Chinese ambassador to Canada and Australia, former director general of Diaoyutai State Guesthouse)

Vice Chairman: Francesco Frangialli (former Secretary General of UNWTO)

Scott Supernaw (former chairman of PATA)

Doris Maria Worfel (Managing Director of African Tourism Council)

Mario Hardy (former CEO of PATA)

Stationed Vice Chairman: Gan Yongfu (Director of National Rural Tourism Monitoring Center, Level 2 inspector)

2) Secretariat of the WRTC

Secretary general: Gan Yongfu

Primary consultant: Wu Bo

Deputy Secretary general: Maggie (international section), He Li (Chinese section)

Four departments and four committees under the Secretariat:

Department of Comprehensive Coordination, Director: Gan Yongfu

Department of International Communication, Director: Maggie

Department of Domestic Cooperation, Director: Shui Xin

Department of Brand Promotion, Director: Yin Guomei

Executive Committee of WRTC platform and international communication, Director: Maggie

Executive Committee of academic research, monitoring and analysis, Director: Hu Shiming

Executive Committee of Industry Innovation and Marketing, Director: Shen Xiaohong  

Executive Committee of industry incubation and education training, Director: Shen Xiaohong

3) Service Sections of WRTC

Chinese Section, Director: Zhang Junsai (concurrent post)

Asia-Pacific Section, Director: Mario Hardy (concurrent post)

 European Section, Director: Francesco Frangialli (concurrent post)

Americas Section, Director: Scott Supernaw(concurrent post)

African Section, Director: Doris Maria Worfel (concurrent post)

4) Member Groups of WRTC

WRTC members are comprised of international, Chinese, individual and organization members, with an aggregate of 212 in the first batch. (for details, please find in Attachment 1)

international members: 60 members from 54 countries.

Chinese members: 142 members from 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.

individual members: 10 influential experts of rural tourism from home and abroad.

organization members: 10 city members among the TOP 100 CITIES.

3. Platform Services

1. WRTC activities--To participate in the biennial WRTC activities and interactive communication (offline in principle)

2. Virtual forum –To participate in the annual WRTC virtual forum and interactive communication (online in principle)

3. Special business – To participate in the quarterly WRTC special business and interactive communication (mainly online)

4. Brand promotion – to participate in the monthly WRTC brand promotion and interactive communication (mainly online)

5. Live classroom – to participate in the fortnightly WRTC live classroom and interactive communication (mainly online)

4. Platform Guarantee

1. the Platform. The Secretariat (Office) of the World Rural Tourism Conference, established under the leadership of the president, is mainly responsible for daily affairs. Four departments and four committees are established as the core service platform for the Conference as well as for the members during the conference. Meanwhile, there are conference secretaries and conference secretaries, with the five service sections and the Run Rules of the WRTC Members (see attachment 2) as the link and the WRTC as the main body, connecting a number of domestic and foreign rural tourism institutions settled in the headquarters (see attachment 3), so as to jointly expand and strengthen the guarantee of the headquarters service platform.

2. the Base. Fully rely on the World Rural Tourism Town and the permanent site of the WRTC as the service base for the conference and its members.

3. the main body. The Secretariat (Office) of the WRTC, together with Zhejiang Rural Tourism Academy, is the main service provider of the conference and its members.

Human Community of a Shared Future in the perspective of rural tourism
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