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Asian Ecotourism Network

Asian Ecotourism Network (AEN) is a regional initiative of the Global Ecotourism Network (GEN), with twenty-one (21) members in the Asia Pacific region working towards connecting stakeholders (private, public, non-profits, academia etc.) for knowledge transfer, consulting, marketing, and business development to achieve sustainability for people and planet.


Asian Ecotourism Network (AEN) Products, Services and upcoming Event:

Ecotourism Standards:

➢ Accommodations

➢ Destinations

GSTC Training:

The GSTC Sustainable Tourism Training Program (STTP) offers practical insights and effective steps to help you improve your sustainability practices.


➢ Ecotourism Training 

➢ Ecotourism Storytelling

➢ Engaging Customers

Student Volunteer Program:

Making students Gain & learn first-hand information from ecotourism industry players (World-wide) via stakeholder exposure

Ecotourism Travel Mart:

➢ First ecotourism travel mart and selling fair in the world

➢ Platform for learning best practices on ecotourism  

Human Community of a Shared Future in the perspective of rural tourism
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