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The second quarter business interaction of members of the 2022 World Rural Tourism Congress will be held smoothly
2022-06-18 来源:2022-06-18

        On June 17th, the second quarter business interaction meeting of members of the World Rural Tourism Congress was successfully held in the Rural Tourism School of The World Rural Tourism Town, Wuxing District, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. Gan Yongfu, vice president and secretary general of the World Rural Tourism Congress, presided over the meeting.

       Francesco Fragali, Vice President and Regional Director of the World Rural Tourism Congress, Scott Spneau, Mario Hardy, Doris Maria Wolfel, Secretary General Li He, Regional secretary Of Yongmei He, Michael Toanoglu, Alejandro Casto Alfaro, Moz Kasim, Robert Basic, all members and heads of headquarters participating organizations attended the conference online. Shen Xiaohong, director of the Office of wRTA, Zeng Wanquan, Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Xing Dongyi, secretary of conference affairs, Liu Jinshuo, liaison officer of headquarters, Yu Haigang, Shen Weiping, Yang Qianqian, Shi Kelang, Shen Li and other regional liaison secretaries attended the meeting in the main venue.

        Shen Xiaohong, director of the Conference Office, briefed the work of the second quarter of the 2022 World Rural Tourism Congress and arranged the work of the third quarter. Her in the report pointed out that the world conference on rural tourism service platform based on the existing increasingly perfect, get, in the second quarter was mainly completed the organization is becoming more and more specifications, assembly platform is becoming more and more active, more perfect base construction "three big thing", in the third quarter will be to serve the global rural tourism sustainable development, the high quality We will fully implement the "four systems" of member services, brand promotion, quarterly exchanges and academic research.

       Gao Shanjie, Chris Flynn, Richard Denman and Ati Tosen, as well as Lv Shengxuan and Liu Yongjun, presidents of Shandong and Guizhou Regions of China, exchanged ideas on how to promote the development of global rural tourism with high quality under the normal situation of epidemic prevention and control.

       Gan Yongfu, vice president and secretary General of the Conference, expressed his own opinions and suggestions on the construction of the conference in the summary of the conference on the "three up" -- the organization "standardized up", members "active up" and products "flourishing up". He stressed that all members join hands, so that all members of the World Rural Tourism Conference can truly achieve win-win interaction, build a brand, people and wealth prosperity, global service, to the world.

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