World Rural Tourism Conference(WRTC)
WRTT: High-quality and High-speed Advancement
2021-11-12 来源:2021-11-12

Recently, high-quality and high-speed advancement of the World Rural Tourism Town (WRTT)-related work has been being conducted. So far, the permanent site of the World Rural Tourism Conference, the International Conference Center – Rural Light, formally opens for business. The international B&B block in the millennium-old Lucun Village has seen its complete construction and business-partner recruitment. A number of projects are busy with decorating, such as Boya B&B, Xiaoshen Dining Hall, Meng Xiaozhu, Songzhan Teahouse, Wucheng Ruoxia, Zhengdian Food, First Finance of Shanghai, Tea in the Book of Songs, Sijia Yard, etc.

          A few shops are now in business, like Yilu Book Fragrance, Tianqinghui House, Ceramic House, etc. Next, the primary work lies in the transformation of projects into products, and products into merchandises, so that the WRTT’s social and economic benefits are improved on a comprehensive scale.

Human Community of a Shared Future in the perspective of rural tourism
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